Connect Daybetter LED lights app, which one do you need?

Daybetter LED Lights App: 6 Best Steps & Top Benefits

How connect Daybetter LED lights app? Daybetter LED lights are among the most recognizable and familiar LED strip lights. They are relatively affordable and reliable and allow the person lots of customization options.

One of the best control methods is by mobile app.  

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Benefits to connecting Daybetter LED lights to an app

Why do you need to download software and use a smartphone application when the Daybetter LED lights are perfectly controlled by a remote?

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Much more extensive color range. Using the remote control, you can use only standard colors, but the apps provide you with 16 million colors to find the most suitable shade for your room.

Feature to create your lighting modes.

Voice control using Amazon Alexa (available for Wi-Fi connection in several models). Regulate the colors, dim the brightness, and free up your hands.

New functions like setting a timer and music sync are present. Within the app, you can schedule the time for an LED light to turn on or off.

You can sync your alarms with LED strip lights to set the mood for your kids.

By playing the mp3 file, the connected Daybetter lights can flicker and change color on beat by creating an exciting decoration element.

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How to choose an app to control a light strip?

What app you need depends on the type of LED strip lights you own.

All the apps are available in both iOS and Android systems.

Apps cater to other products as well; you can add not only the Daybetter LED lights but other lighting products and Daybetter products.

The article focuses on recognized and recommended Daybetter apps and mentions a different, more general one. 

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Connect Daybetter LED lights to the Apollo lighting app

Firstly, ensure that your light strip supports Bluetooth connection. Usually, it is written in big letters on a box, so it is easy to notice. 

To download the app, scan the QR code; it should be written on a controller block.

In the app, you can dim the brightness and change the colors of the LED strip lights.

It is better to be nearby during the connecting process.

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Step-by-step guide on how to connect Daybetter LED lights to Apollo

  1. Get the “Apollo Lighting” in the Google Play Store or App Store. You can also access the Apollo lighting app via the QR code on the smart control block.
  2. Ensure that Bluetooth on your device is active and in pairing mode (it may also be a tablet).
  3. To initialize Daybetter LED lights, first turn the LED lights on and press the “ON” button for five seconds till the LED lights start flickering with red lights, which indicates that they are visible for your device.If this does not work, reset it and then try connecting the Daybetter LED light via Bluetooth.
  4. Choose the LED strip on your device’s Bluetooth settings. The addition of the LED strips to the app should happen automatically.
  5. Open the Apollo app, and you’ll find the LED device there.
  6. Fully customize the LED light strip, control lights changing speed, change the color and brightness level, and other available features.
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Connect Daybetter LED lights to Tuya Smart app

The LED light strip supports only a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Ensure that your Wi-Fi has this spec. 

Firstly, download the app by typing “Tuya Smart” in an app store or scanning the QR code.

Ensure that your device is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

To make an LED light strip visible in the network, you may need to reset the light strip.

An LED light does not have a reset button. You can press the “ON” button for five seconds or turn it on and off thrice.  

If it is the first time connecting to the power system, the LED lights should already be in “syncing” mode and quickly blinking with red light.

To use the app, you need to create an account. 

Afterward, you can add devices to your account by clicking the plus button on the home screen. 

Next, you’re choosing “Lighting” > “Strip Lights Wi-Fi,” and here you’re entering your Wi-Fi network details. 

The interface is intuitive and should not cause you further problems.

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Other available apps

Magic Home

Magic Home provides the same interface and is connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In the app, you can control not only the LED strips but lots of other home appliances and Daybetter devices.

In case you’re already using Magic Home, you can simply add your Daybetter LED lights to the app and do not bother with another app.

Here, you can choose between standard colors or select your own custom ones by applying the app’s color palette wheel. You can regulate the “light” level with a brightness bar.

The app’s function allows you to schedule changes in color and brightness.

“Scene” is Magic Home’s known and loved feature.

You can add and regulate several lights together as one big network to ease your life and create from several separate LED light strips one major composition.

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There are lots of apps present in the App Store to control Daybetter LED lights, which can be a bit confusing. Moreover, I can not point at one smartphone app and call it the best one around.

Which app you need heavily depends on the connectivity protocol (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) of LED strips.

The QR code (written on the controller block) is a link to an app the lights work with. Downloading the app and following the further instructions should be the easiest way.

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How do I connect my Daybetter lights to my app?

Firstly, determine what kind of connection your LED lights support. If it is a Bluetooth connection, you require the “Apollo Lighting” App. In the case of Wi-Fi, it will be “Tuya Smart”.

There will be a link to download the needed app in the form of a QR code on the controller block. After downloading the app, follow the instructions.

Does Daybetter LED have an app?

Unfortunately, there is no Daybetter app from the producers themselves. However, there are lots of “light” apps that are compatible and work with Daybetter LED lights.

Usually, you can find a link to a recommended app as a QR code printed either on the controller block or the box it came in.

How do you use Daybetter LED lights without remote?

You can control LED lights with a phone app. Just make sure that LED strips have this feature.

If in the “Controller type” characteristic, there is “App Control.” If in “Connectivity Protocol,” there is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth standard, that means you can download an app (you can access it by a QR code) and fully replace the remote.

If IR (infrared) is the only way to control LED strips, unfortunately, you have to buy a new remote control.

Do Daybetter LED lights have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth feature is not always included in all Daybetter LED strips, depending on what kind of LED strip lights you bought.

It is no trouble to see if this model of Daybetter LED strip lights has Bluetooth; the type of connection the model supports is the first thing written in the title on the official site.

The Bluetooth connection may also be indicated with APM and AP symbols.

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