How to connect LED lights to phone? [4 best techniques]

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How to connect LED lights to phone? Now many devices, including home appliances, are becoming “smart”. Thanks to the fact that technology is developing every year, it is now possible to control LED lights as well as other smart devices directly from our phones.

This article discusses how to connect smart LED strip lights to a phone and the benefits of doing so.

how to connect led lights to phone
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Connecting LED lights to phone

LED is an abbreviation for “light emitting diode”. This type of LED light is highly energy efficient and capable of reproducing a wide range of colors. It has many advantages including long life, low power consumption, and the ability to create a variety of dynamic illumination effects.

LED strips are easy to customize and available in various spool lengths, and a variety of colors, including the RGB LED strip.

With the development of the LED lighting industry, smart LED strips have emerged. Smart LED strips can regulate the hue and intensity using a remote control, smart switch, or applications. In addition, the RGB LED strip can be connected to a phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which also allows for easy dye changing, fading, and scheduling.

Convenient apps provide programmatic settings and preset lighting scenarios. With app-controlled LED stripes, the light can be automatically turned on, create impressive light effects, and save energy for comfort and innovation.

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Methods to connect and control LED lights from phone

Several methods are applicable to connect LED lights to a phone, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a central hub, and an appropriate app. By the way, I used and applied each of these methods.

Since it is not possible to connect ordinary LED strip lights to a phone, it is crucial to make sure that LED lights are compatible with smartphone control, i.e. equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functions.

The majority of illumination systems are compliant with Android and iOS devices, but you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s requirements. It is also important to ensure a stable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, depending on the type of LED strip lights.

Connecting the LED lights via Bluetooth

One of the most effective, I think, is connecting via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a cutting-edge wireless communication technology that enables reliable data transfer between devices. It is widely used in home automation systems, including smart LED strip lights, where you can easily control LED lights remotely using a smartphone or voice commands.

The steps to connect LED strip lights to the phone via Bluetooth are simple and intuitive. By following them, you will quickly get used to it and enjoy the light control.

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Turn on the LED strip light

Connect LED strip lights to the main source unit and turn it on. When doing so, make sure that each connection is made according to the instructions provided by the LED strip lights manufacturer.

This includes the proper connection of the control box, power supply adapter, and other necessary components.

Once connected, it is recommended that you run the LED light strips on manually for the first time. This will allow you to verify the correct connections and ensure that the LED strip is functioning correctly.

Install and Connect the App on a smart device

Regardless of which LED strip lights you procure, it will be accompanied by a special application to control it. The title of the app is indicated on the LED strip lights, but if you do not find it in the package, it is recommended to consult the user manual or visit the official website of the product.

Nowadays, many LED strip light manufacturers also provide codes that you can scan with your smartphone to download the app. To connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth ribbon, download one of the applications applicable for Android or iPhone devices.

After granting the necessary permissions, activate Bluetooth on your smart device and follow the provided instructions. By enabling the automatic connection feature, your smartphone will seamlessly connect to the Bluetooth device. This will eliminate the need for manual pairing and save you time and effort. So, make sure to turn on this feature and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

If it doesn’t, you can manually connect through the ‘My Devices’ section of the Bluetooth settings. If you cannot get your LED light strip in the list, perform a new search.

Once you have connected, you can confidently use the app to control your smart LED strip lights. The app’s interface will provide you with a range of smart remote options, including turning lights on and off, and more.

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Connecting the phone to LED light’s Wi-Fi network

The second technique is to connect via Wi-Fi, but in my experience, sometimes the connection can be lost. Nevertheless, this remains one of the applicable methods.

Wi-Fi is a wire-free connectivity that enables devices to connect to the internet and other devices on a local network. Connecting the LED lights to the phone via Wi-Fi provides a stable and wide connection superior to Bluetooth, allowing you to control the LED lights remotely from any place with access to Wi-Fi.

Download the application

To connect LED lights to the phone via Wi-Fi, you need to download the suitable app from the Google Play store or App Store. Go to the Google Play store or App Store on your smartphone and verify for an app to control the LED strip via Wi-Fi. Download and install the app on your phone.

After downloading the app, turn on the LED strip light and check the power supply button on the control system of the strip light.

Hold the power supply button for several sec This will run the Wi-Fi on the LED strip.

When the Wi-Fi connection is turned on, the LED strip will begin flashing twice per second, indicating a successful connection. Your ribbon is now ready to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Connecting the LED strip lights to the application

To connect the LED strip light to the app follow the steps below:

  1. Register in the app – open the application and go through the registration process with your electronic credentials. This step is the same as registering for any other app.
  2. Enter the app – after successful registration, enter the app using the credentials you created.
  3. Connect LED strip – locate the “+” sign in the app interface, and tap on it. Then select the Wi-Fi connection option and follow the instructions by entering your Wi-Fi data, going to the app, and registering with your credentials.
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Connecting the LED lights using the power supply adaptor

You can turn LED lights on and off by plugging them in. Usually, LED strips are connected to a power supply adapter and controller when installed. If they are connected to a smart switch that acts as a replacement remote, controlling them without a remote is easy.

Otherwise, you will need to connect to the source manually. You will need some electrical knowledge for this, but it is not difficult.

The receiver plays an important role in the operation of LED by receiving signals from the remote control. The controller links the LED lights to the power source.

It is important to properly connect the cables to the power adapter to avoid overloading the circuit. If a low voltage configuration is used, the voltage must be appropriate. If not connected correctly, there is a risk of overloading the circuit or insufficient light brightness.

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Connecting the LED lights through the access point (AP) mode

Some users experience difficulties when trying to connect and control LED lights via phone in EZ mode. In this case, therefore, it is better to use the AP mode.

  • If the app reports an error in EZ mode, go to the “Add Device” option and select AP mode.
  • Then, on the remote control, press the “Config” button for about some time.
  • Open the app, select your Wi-Fi network, and input your passcode to connect to the LED strip lights. Once you’ve properly connected, you’ll be able to change the name of your device to more easily identify it.

For users interested in configuring a regular LED strip to their phone, you can try using an external Wi-Fi network controller, which can be purchased online.

Advantages of controlling LED strip lights with phone

I think that using a phone to control LED strip lights expands your lighting control options.

This provides not only the convenience of being able to use the phone as a control center but also provides more precise control over the color and brightness of the LED strip lights.

In addition, the ability to establish timers and schedules to automatically turn smart LED strip lights on and off improves usability and energy efficiency in everyday life.

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Better color and brightness control

LED strips offer wide illumination control options. You can choose the right shades and intensity to create the desired ambiance in the room.

These LED fixtures offer advanced controls including brightness and color, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your needs and mood. You can create cozy lighting for a romantic dinner party, bright lights for reading, or dim lighting for a relaxed environment, providing comfort and coziness in any room.

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Scheduling of LED strip lights

Another attractive benefit of LED strip lights is the ability to schedule their operation. Schedule your lights to turn on and off at a specific time with ease. Some lights also have the function of automatically adjusting the brightness depending on the brightness of the room or the activity in it.

With these benefits, you can be sure that the LED strips will not be on for nothing when you leave the house. The lights are equipped with a motion sensor.

The motion sensor can automatically turn them off or adjust the brightness in case of overheating or lack of movement in the room. This functionality ensures comfort and safety, saves energy, and reduces your electricity bills.

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Troubleshooting common faults

To successfully connect your LED lights to the phone, it is important to follow a few simple steps. First of all, make sure that the LED lights and your phone are within the recommended Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range. This will ensure a stable connection and smooth control of the lights.

If problems occur, restart the LED lights brightness switch and your phone. Then use the appropriate app for your LED lighting system and check for firmware updates. This will help troubleshoot any potential technical issues and ensure your LED garlands are working optimally.

If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s support team. They will be able to provide further assistance and resolve any issues that may arise.

How do I connect my Keepsmile LED lights to my phone?

The Keepsmile LED light can only be connected to your phone if you download the Keepsmile app, register, select a product, and activate Bluetooth. Connect the light to a power source, then press the button on your device to turn it on.

Go back to the app and select the LED light from the list of devices.

Once the connection is established, you’ll be able to control the features of the light, as well as use timers and create scenes. The Keepsmile app will allow you to easily change the atmosphere of your space with dynamic and colorful lighting.

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Final words

In conclusion, it is important to note that cell phone-compatible LED strip, capable of being controlled by a smart remote or smart switch, represents a significant advancement in lighting. It offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to control lighting from anywhere and at any time.

These innovative features can create a unique ambiance, save energy, and increase comfort in rooms with LED strips connected to a tactile manual controller.

Like other smart home devices, these lights are available in many markets, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers looking to improve lighting conditions and make their homes more comfortable and functional.

Topics & Questions

Here is a list of topics and questions regarding the connecting lights to the phone.

Can my LED lights connect to my phone?

Yes, of course, there are several methods to connect LED lights to the phone. One of them is to use LED light with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Another way is to use smart plugs and compatible mobile apps. These devices allow you to control the lights connected to them via the internet, giving you the ability to control your lighting even remotely, from any place in the world.

How do I connect my LED light to Bluetooth?

To connect the LED lights to your phone via Bluetooth, first ensure that the LED lights are turned on and in pairing mode. Then, turn on Bluetooth and select the LED lights from the list of available devices.

Once connected, you can control the LED lights using the manufacturer’s mobile app.

What app can I use for my LED lights?

The most popular LED light apps are undoubtedly Flux, Blue Light Filter, and Twilight.

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