How to make led lights brighter: your best guide

How to make LED lights brighter: top 9 tips & best guide

How to make led lights brighter? The LED strip lights are a universal solution to complete several tasks: decorate a room and make a room more vivid. The colors of the LED strip lights differ, and the forms can differ as well, so there are many LED lights models that you can easily use. But no one is protected from disappointment when the LED strip lights are not as vivid as expected.

Or when the lights got dimmer over time. There is no serious problem, you can repair the LED lights yourself, and there is no obstacle.

You should read all of the tips in the article and without any problem repair the LED lights.

how to make led lights brighter
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Why are LEDs not bright?

So, before we deep into the techniques of fixing the LED lights and a light bulb and making them more vivid, it is required to look through the reasons for the LED strip lights losing brightness. Knowing this information, you are going to repair the LED lights without any problem and prevent them in the future.

Read the causes of losing brightness carefully and see if it happens in your house since certain conditions can affect LED lights. 


The LED strip lights are very sensitive to the temperature. If the temperature in the place where they are located is high than the average level, then the mechanism of the LED lights may fail. For example, if the LED strip lights are in the kitchen, where the temperature is high all the time, then the LED lights are not going to last long.

They will become darker and their lifetime will be shorter. 

That is the reason why it is not recommended to keep the LED lights in hot places. It is better to regulate the temperature in the room where the LED lights are installed.

The lack of the ventilation

This goes hand in hand with the previous cause. The lack of ventilation only enhances the heat and creates an impossibility to protect the LED light bulbs from getting dimmer.

The wire connection is loose

Another thing that you should manage in connection with the LED lights is the wires. The wire connection must be strong, since with the unfirm wire connection the LED lights are not getting enough supply of power and they are not going to function properly. And with the loose wire connection, the LED strip lights are going to be dimmer. 

This can be the cause of the dark LED lights. So, you should check the wiring if you notice that the LED lights became less vivid. 

The lifespan of the LED lights

Well, unfortunately, especially if the LED lights are low-cost, the LED lights stop functioning properly after a certain period. Over time, the brightness of such LED lights is going to be only lower.

The lifespan of many standard LED strip lights is not long. So, you should buy LED lights that are more expensive and have good quality, so that your money is not wasted. 

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How to make LED lights brighter?

Now we should discover the methods that can help you make the LED lights brighter. It is time to discover how to make LED lights brighter. These ways are well-known and they are certainly helpful. Select one of them that is the most appropriate for your situation and use it. If one method did not help, use another. 

Increase the distance

So, the first method that can help is making the distance between the LED strip lights wider. Because sometimes the cause of losing brightness is not very serious. Sometimes it is just the short distance between the LED lights that leads to the low brightness level. So, increase the distance carefully,so that the LED lights are not damaged.

Change the color temperature

Another solution for the problem with brightness is selecting different color temperatures for the LED lights. Usually, people use the warm light of the LED strip lights, since the warm lights are comfortable and healthy for the eyes. Warm light is a good way to make the lighting in the room nice and cozy. But the warm light is not very bright.

So, if you want to have a brighter light, then you definitely should change the color and select a cooler light. The cooler light is brighter. And it is not like the light glare, for sure. But it may be uncomfortable for the eyes. So, you should consider it as the way and the answer to the question “How to make led lights brighter?”.

Use it if it is suitable for your situation.

If you own bright white LED strips, then this problem is not going to appear, most likely.

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How to change the color temperature?

To change the color, you can use the remote control and press the buttons that function as color-changing. Any LED displays can help you. Or you can use the brightness controller, which is going to help you to make the room much brighter and adjust the comfortable level of brightness.

Place the LED lights in the cool space

As said above, one of the common causes of the lack of brightness is hot temperatures. They influence badly on the mechanism of the LED strip lights. It can even cause the LED strip to break.

The worse thing that leads to the complete breakage of the LED lights is the hot temperature with the lack of ventilation.

When there is no air circulation and there is no ventilation in the light cover, then the brightness decreases and the lifespan of the LED light bulbs will be reduced. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. 

So, what you can do in this situation, is position the LED strip lights in another place. The suitable place is cool but comfortable for you and with ventilation.

If you do this, the brightness will improve and the lifespan will be longer. 

But it is recommended to install the LED strip lights in the correct place from the beginning. This helps to enhance LED brightness.

The heatsink

Another solution in the situation is when the temperature is hot in the place where the LED strip lights are installed, but you do not want to place them in another spot. Or it is for situations when the LED lights are high-powered and produce heat themselves. You can use the heatsink then. The heatsink helps you to dissipate the heat and protect the LED strip lights from overheating.

And the lights of the LED strip are going to be more vivid and the lifespan are longer. 

A diffuser 

A diffuser is a way to make the LED lights brighter but at the same time softer and less harsh which makes the lights of the LED strip comfortable and bright. So, that is why it is recommended to use a diffuser, which can be a cloth, plastic, glass, or any other material that diffuses the light and makes it softer. The LED brightness of the LED strip lights is not going to be impaired but improved.

Remove dust and dirt

Generally, when people buy LED strip lights of any form, they require to know that it is essential to clean the light bulb and the LED strips quite often. It is part of the regular room cleaning.

And, surely, regular cleaning of the LED strips and LED light bulbs of dirt and dust remove the dim effect of the lights. Because sometimes, it is just the lay of the dust and dirt on the LED bulb and strips that reduces the brightness of the lights. And this is something you can fix quickly. 

What you should do, is take a dump cloth and carefully and gently rub the LED strip lights and LED bulb, until you ensure that there is no dust and dirt at all.

You are going to see the result instantly. This technique can help to make the LED strip lights brighter.

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The reflector or lampshade

The lampshade and the reflector can help you in the situation of the lack of brightness of the LED strip lights if you use the LED lights correctly and use them to the correct kind of LED lights.

The lampshade 

The lampshade can be used and attached to the LED lights and the LED bulbs are the things to concentrate the light in a certain spot. The light will be collected exactly on a certain area and the light is going to be very vivid.

You can also choose the kind of lampshades that are made of not very tight cloth so that more light will go through the cloth. And the light is going to be less soft but much brighter. You should just find the correct beam angle.

And the ambiance can become brighter and it can help to make the LED strip lights brighter. You just need to pick the suitable angle for you, where you desire the light to be concentrated and bright. 

The reflector

The reflector is also something that can help you if you know what beam angle you need to adjust the reflector. So, the appropriate beam angle and the reflector are going to concentrate the light where you desire it to be. And this area will be brighter than the other.

This variant is for you if you use LED strip lights for certain purposes. For example, you require LED lights and LED bulbs for reading. Then the concentration of lights is going to be enough to provide you with a comfortable reading experience. 

Buy the LED strip lights with luminous efficiency

When you buy LED strip lights, it is essential to select the LED lights that match the wattage of the LED light fixtures and the power supply.

If they do not match, if the wattage of the power supply is not enough, then you should not expect that the LED strip lights are going to be vivid and provide you with high-quality light. It is simply because they do not get enough power.

LED lights are not incandescent bulbs, so you have to deal with them. Incandescent bulbs may have a different power supply and difference in power. And do not forget about the pulse width modulation and light pulse width.

So, the lumen output either matches the fixture’s wattage, or the lumen output does not and the LED light does not function correctly.

So, if you face such a problem, you should either find a different power supply and the lumen output or the LED strip lights to get brighter light.

You can buy the LED light that is going to match the power characteristics, for sure. Then you are going to be provided with the bright light of the LED light. 

It is not very difficult to match the wattage with the LED lighting. After all, they are not halogen lights. They do not have the same power consumption.

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In conclusion, it is easy to make the LED lights brighter

Several causes can make the LED light dimmer. But whatever the cause is, it is not complicated for you to repair the impaired and dim LED strip lights, if you read the tips for repairing it in the article above. There are many tips, and one of them can help you make the LED lights brighter and get more light in the room. You can do a lot of things to get the brightest LED strips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my LED lights not bright?

There are a few causes for the lack of brightness in the LED strip lights. For instance, it can be a loose wire connection, when the LED bulbs and the LED strip lights are not getting enough energy from the power supply because of the poor wire connection.

Or it is the high temperature and lack of ventilation when the heat is concentrated on the LED strip lights. The heat is dangerous for dim LED lights, and the LED brightness can be impaired because of it. 

How do I make my light bulbs brighter?

To make the LED strip lights brighter and to make a LED bulb brighter, you can use the lampshade to concentrate the light on certain spots, check that the wattage of the power supply and the LED fixtures matches, change the color temperature to a cooler one, use the magnifier lens screen, or protect it from heat and lack of air circulation. 

Does an LED get brighter with more voltage?

Well, it is bright, but it is also dangerous because the overloading of the current can lead to the blowing up of the LED lights. So, it is better to select LED lights with the appropriate power. Then, there will be no prob the match in power makes the LED strip lights brighter. 

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