How to reset LED light remote: a quick guide

How to reset LED light remote: top 2 ways & best guide

How to reset LED light remote? In recent years, the LED lighting system has become a useful and unique form of illumination that helps to create a cozy atmosphere, both in your household and office. Even more so, LED lights are everywhere.

An LED light bulb wins in energy efficiency and durability if we compare it to traditional light bulbs. The LED lights are easy to use, especially with a special LED light remote control. The user also can change the RGB color that makes LED lights so special, which is a unique and wonderful feature.

Unfortunately, you may face the fact that your remote control does not correctly with your LED lights. If this happens, you may want to know how to reset LED light remote.

Luckily, this blog post will provide you with this information, since there are multiple ways to reset your LED light remote. It is an article where you can read a proper manual for each of them. So let’s get started!

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Quick reset

This quick way is useful in most cases of your LED light controller malfunction.

It is completed by focusing on the batteries of your LED light remote.

You are recommended to buy substitutes, or at least focus on the remote’s power. So if done in the correct order, you can fix your remote control just as any other electronic device – quick and easy!

Step 1: extract the batteries

First things first, you will have to open up the cover of your remote control’s batteries. Like with any other remote control, they are located at the back of the device. Then you will have to carefully remove them. Check whether they are damaged or not, and consider buying fresher ones.

Step 2: hold this power button

Then keep the main power button pressed for 15 to 30 seconds. It is the same button we use when turning on our remote. Any residual power the remote possesses will be gone.

Step 3: reinsert the accumulator

To complete this, reinsert the batteries in your respective LED light remote. If you are certain they have a power supply, reinsert the old ones. Don’t forget to insert them correctly, by following the polarities written on the casing!

Then you should push the button again to activate it. If the change in the accumulator of the LED light remote hasn’t helped, here are the other methods.

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Hard reset

If you are sure the accumulator of your LED remote is running, but the problems are still there, proceed with the hard reset method.

You will resync the device, and the settings will default.

You won’t have to reprogram your controller while proceeding with this method, so it is still relatively easy. Let’s see how to do this.

Step 1: find the reset button

Locate it either on the side or the back of your controller. Don’t worry, you will know that you have found the reset button since there is a tiny hole nearby.

Step 2: activate the reset button with a small object

For its activation, you will need some pointy object (like a pinhead or a needle) and insert it into the tiny hole. A soft clicking sound is an indicator you did it correctly.

Step 3: wait for a few seconds

You will have to wait for a bit while still keeping the hard reset button pressed. For about 3 seconds at most. Then it should be done. Heads up, the LED light will set in motion very soon!

Of course, check out your controller to make sure the operation has worked properly and helped you, by setting it in motion again. Check the functioning of your LED light remote, if the LED light bulb of the corresponding fixture glows up and changes its respective color by the remote control. If not, you need to reset the LED light controller again.

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Factory reset function

Another way to bring your LED light remote back to life is by restoring the factory settings of your LED. By doing that your remote control will be completely reset from any customized configurations.

This will also mean that you will have to reprogram your controller.

It is similar to the previous method, and it also requires the reset button mentioned in Method 2. Pressing the factory reset button is considered to be one of the last options. Other problems with your LED light controller may not be fixed without a proper look into the remote construction. If any are remaining, consult the manufacturer.

Step 1: activate the button once again

Locate the same reset button as earlier, also called the factory reset button, and activate it the same way. Pay attention to not let it go too quickly. Also, keep in mind that the controller should be kept on.

Step 2: wait from 3 to 5 seconds

To activate the factory reset button and start the sequence of reconfiguration itself, it must be held for several seconds, usually, the amount is 3 to 5. You can release it when the LED bulb indicator on the remote starts glowing. Once it does, it means that the settings have been successfully reset and you can reprogram your LED remote.

Step 3: turn to the instructions of your model

Certain LED remote models require a bit different actions, so you will need to check your user manual. Be sure you haven’t thrown it out, as it contains information on the location of your factory reset button and other ways to control LED lights.

–°hances are you finally know the solution and how to reset LED light remote.

The controller can also be finally enabled without trouble. Big congratulations on that, as you have reached the end of this step-by-step guide!

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So many problems you are prone to face when you operate LED lights. Luckily, we have gathered all the important information to answer popular questions on this topic.

How do I resync my LED light remote?

Resyncing can be done differently: by rebooting the LED light remote or by changing its power source. If the issue is in the current settings of your remote, there are a few tips on how to resync it. Changing your LED light remote control to its default settings can do, which is achieved by a hard reset, or, if still not successful, a factory reset.

The procedure of switching to primary configurations tends to be troublesome, check the user manual of your LED light remote control. Your main goal is to successfully reset your device, so trust the manual at this. It surely has got your back at recustomizing the controller and fixing another malfunctioning!

Why is my LED light remote not working?

Such LED light remote controls should be compatible with their LED strip lights. A malfunction in pairing can happen because of problems inside the remote or because of specific troubles within the LED lights themselves.

LED light remotes can make weak signals because of wave interruptions of the same frequency. Check if any radio signals interfere with the functioning of your LED light remote. Cease the interference occurring. Power cycling is recommendable as well.

Essentially, the battery should also be intact and strong enough for LED remotes. If not, you may want to change the battery model to the compatible one. You are recommended to check the state of the controller’s chip because if that is the key to malfunctioning, you will unfortunately have to buy a new one.

There can be a problem with electricity, so you should check this factor as well. It is impossible to manage LED lights without energy, so of course the remote won’t be working by itself. If there is a problem with your cable, you should unplug and plug the lights back into the power source.

What do I do if I lost my LED strip light remote?

Thankfully, you can use LED lights without a remote. Good replacement can be made by installing a special dimmer switch or using a built-in switch that most LED lights have on the light fixture itself.

If you want to use LED lights without a remote, you can buy a wireless switch that connects easily to your phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. This method is quite easy as well, so you can manage LED lights with your smartphone.

But unfortunately, if you still want to use your RGB LED lights remotely, then you should buy a new LED light strip remote. Be sure that the new remote is compatible and that it can work for the LED strip lights, and if so, the pairing will be easy!


Hopefully, by reading this article you have learned how to reset LED light remote and even more so, to easily manage this device without resorting to customer support service.

Many of us face trouble controlling modern gadgets. LED light strips are no exception. LED light remotes can be quite difficult to work with at first. But isn’t this what makes the process so challenging and interesting?

As it turns out, the process is quite easy and there are many ways to fix your problems. By using these methods, you will surely learn to reset LED light remote control of yours and return to your easy days with the LED lights.

Still, if you truly want to fix your remote, you may have to read the instructions. They are especially helpful, because LED light systems come with varying batteries, durability, etc., so the most invaluable resource for your situation is right in your book.

Now for the final words of this quick guide. LED light strips can be a pleasant addition to your house interior, and no malfunctions remote controls have must get in your way when you create your own perfect LED light system, for your household or your office.

In case you want to inform your friends on how to reset LED light remote, share this post online. Thank you for reading this blog post, and good luck with adjusting your illumination system!

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