What is RGBIC? [Top 4 Features]

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What is RGBIC? The increasing popularity of RGBIC LED strips is no news, as this wonderful creation is becoming common by the day. What makes these lights so special and how do they differ from other LED lights, find out in this article as we explore the world of strip lights.

what is rgbic
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RGBIC LED strip light: overview

RGBIC LED strip lights are special and wonderful lights that give you maximum control over every part of the light, every section can be adjusted to fit your taste, every color can be modified to fit your specifications and every space can be recreated to fit your mood.

These lights are getting increasingly popular due to many factors, from their mind-blowing design, great efficiency, and fantastic longevity.

The components are mounted on a very durable board promoting a swift installation process on countless surfaces.

The RGBIC LED strip lights give you absolute control, RGBIC stands for RED, GREEN, AND BLUE, which are the fundamental colors, meaning you can create any shade you can imagine. You can modify the shades of these colors to produce even the rarest colors like Glaucous, Sarcoline, Falu, and Amber.

RGBIC stands for RED, GREEN, AND BLUE INDEPENDENT CONTROL, this equates to undiluted power over the shade of light you can produce.

The light is controlled by a chip that interprets commands from an external device such as a remote control, this remote control can be used to control LED strips and adjust every section of the strip light to fit your taste. This full control lets you experiment with your LED strip to create countless visual effects, color combinations, and gradient effects.

These fantastic lights offer endless possibilities, you can adjust the lights to fit how you’re feeling, whether you want a dark blue shade to get the feeling of a nightlife experience or you want a bright yellow or orange color to portray your optimism.

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This advanced utility possesses countless advantages over other alternatives out there, these advantages are explained below.


These lights display multiple colors for multiple occasions, you can add them to create vibrant hues for parties, their ability to switch colors seamlessly makes them even more exceptional, whether you want soothing gradients for relaxation or attractive colors for entertainment setups.

Easy Installation

When installing lights anywhere you don’t want to spend hours fussing over basic tasks, the ease that comes with installing LED strip lights helps you avoid the hassle of complicated connections or complex assembling.

Installing LED strip lights is a swift and stress-free process you can accomplish with little or no lighting experience.

Just make sure the surface you’re placing the strip light on is as clean as possible when installing, also consider using weatherproof heat tape to protect all connections when using LED strips outside.

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Features of RGBIC lights

RGBIC lights have many amazing features that make them better than RGB LED strip lights and any other lighting options.


The ability to reduce the intensity of your light is something not all lights possess, the new RGBIC gives you the ability to adjust the light and set the perfect mood for your space.


Though you can’t cut RGBIC like common the RGB light strip, you can join and extend them to cover any distance you see fit as long as you have enough.


Advanced materials are used in the production of a strip light, making them very strong and long-lasting.

They also barely produce heat during operation, unlike some other lights that get hot in a few hours of usage.


This is a major feature that makes RGBIC LED strip lights a thousand times better than other lighting alternatives, customization is a major feature that plays an important role in all the utilities we use, having the ability to modify anything to suit our particular preference is very important.

Lighting ultimately comes down to individual tastes and preferences, and thanks to the remote control you have undiluted power over your LED lights. This is another reason why the RGBIC is always prevalent when RGBIC vs any other LED strip is compared.

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Applications of the RGBIC LED strip light

LED strip lights can be used in numerous places to create a more exciting environment, these applications are explained below.

Gaming room

This beautiful light is the perfect addition to your game room that has been lacking, I mean what’s a gaming room without cool lights, Using LED strips is an underrated way to show off your creativity in your game room.

An LED strip light is especially important if you’re a streamer, most popular streamers have a particular feature or trait that makes them different and unique from other streamers, so adding RGBIC to your setup might be just what you need to level up your gaming.

Having the basic RED, GREEN, and BLUE, The visual effects it produces enhance the atmosphere of your streaming or gaming space and add a touch of fun and professionalism to your streaming.

Using an LED strip light is an excellent way to impress your viewers and friends visiting your game room.

Living room

Living rooms are one of the most popular places people use a strip light for, besides being very decorative, they have a warm and cozy atmosphere that further enhances any space

Besides basic lighting in your living room, an LED strip light can also be an awesome addition to further beautify your space, don’t underestimate the importance of sufficient lighting in open spaces like this.

If you’re unsure about what color to choose you can always go with the classic warm white light to create a neutral and airy atmosphere.


These days garages are not used for just cars anymore, several people use the space as a multipurpose room. You can use your garage as a gym, home office, or even a private spot to get away from life a little.

You can use RGBIC or RGB LED strips to beautify your garage by installing them to the top corners or even lining the floor of your garage with them you can connect to an LED power supply and display multiple colors.


Spotlighting is a concept often used in photography, it involves brightening a single light while dimming the rest to create a central focus on a specific object.

This concept can be used to your advantage by strategically placing LED strip lights around decorative materials in any space. For instance, you can surround your favorite painting with a strip light to direct attention to it, thereby placing it in the spotlight.


Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects in party planning, barely looking at a LED strip light gives the impression of fun and optimism, these lights are the perfect addition to bring a whole new vibe to your party.

You want to be sure that the new lights you’re using for your party are dependable. If you’re organizing an event that will last late into the night, you won’t be doing yourself much good if your lights burn out or overheat after a few hours. This is why the RGBIC LED strip light is more than perfect for parties and any celebration.

Be sure to adjust the shade of the LED strip lighting to fit the theme of the party. Soft, cool colors like wine or blue create a sophisticated look, colors like this are perfect for romantic occasions.

Stick with neutral colors like ash if it’s just a casual gathering to avoid the LED strip from looking too flashy.


Your bedroom is a private space meaning you have the opportunity to go color crazy, you can fully customize your room to fit any surreal imagination you have in your head without having to worry about what anybody thinks. Having LED strip lighting in your room also prevents you from tripping when going to the restroom at night or when trying to reach for your main light switch.

Though you could use an RGB LED strip light for your bedroom, using an RGBIC would create an even more stunning effect than RGB strip lights.

LED lighting seems very beautiful for bedrooms but you should also have a primary light source in your room, and LED strip lights should just be a secondary source in your room.

You don’t want something harsh that can make your eyes hurt as an additional light for your bedroom, LED lighting is the perfect choice to provide adequate brightness for comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

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RGB LED strip lights

RGBIC VS RGB is a very common argument you might have come across or heard of, you can say RGBIC is an improvement of the RGB strip light.

RGB is the acronym used to represent RED, GREEN, and BLUE, which are referred to as the basic colors, but why to compare RGBIC vs RGB LED strip? what does RGBIC have that RGB LED strip lights don’t? The answer is RGB strip light can produce a single color at once while RGBIC LED strip lights can display different colors simultaneously. 

This is why RGBIC always comes on top in the RGBIC VS RGB conversation.

RGBW LED strips

RGBW LED strip is another dope utility usually compared with other strip lights, it’s an acronym for RED GREEN and BLUE (WHITE).

The WHITE signifies the extra channel used to produce pure white light, though normal RGB LED strip lights can produce white light, the white light produced is not one hundred percent white. Though the RGBW LED strips are capable of producing genuine and pure white light they can’t produce warm white.


RGBIC vs RGBCCT LED strip lights is another popular topic. I mentioned earlier that the RGBW LED strip has an additional channel for white light, well the RGBCCT/RGBWW goes a step further by having an additional channel for warm white light. The WW stands for (WARM WHITE) and this is the primary reason why some people love this particular LED strip.

The white channel can produce white light, not warm white, the warm white channel is strictly for producing a warm white shade that several people love.

Since RGB strips lack the warm white feature, people prefer the RGBCCT LED strip lights over it.

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Rope lights

Rope lights are also popular lighting usually compared to RGBIC and RGB LED strips, they are transparent and they use PVC as the casing material. Though rope lights are also efficient, they are less bright and can change color over time.

They can’t change colors like RGB LED strips and they are not the best for high-brightness applications. They can’t bend to greater angles and they are best wrapped around poles because of their 360-degree viewing, this wide-angle is due to their round shape. They are installed using the clips as they do not have a sticky backing like RGBIC or RGB strip lights.

Waterproofing strip lights

  1. Epoxy Resin. You can easily use epoxy to waterproof RGB strips or any other LED strips, they have minimal toxicity and are very affordable.
  2. Polyurethane Glue. This is another material that can be used for waterproofing, they have improved yellowing resistance but can’t be used in high-temperature regions.
  3. Silicone Glue. Though more costly than other options, silicon glue is one of the best waterproofing materials, it is environmentally friendly and temperature resistant.
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Is RGBIC better than RGB?

RGBIC is an amazing utility with several advantages and features making them better than RGB strips.

Why can t you cut RGBIC?

RGBIC is a very efficient lighting in which every section of light is controlled by just one chip, making cutting impossible.

Are RGBIC lights brighter?

Going for RGBIC LED strip lights is an amazing choice as they are brighter and better than most LED options available.

Can RGBIC make warm white?

Though RGBIC can mix the colors to form a warm white resembling hue, you’ll need RGBWW LED strips for a more genuine warm white light.

Can I use RGB LED strip lights for room?

Yes both RGBIC and RGB LED strip lights can be installed in your bedroom as a secondary light source and to improve your room’s appearance.

The bottom line

LED strips can look amazing when used the right way and installed properly. By considering the necessary factors and the particular application you have in mind, you can easily select the LED light perfect for your space and create a whole new atmosphere.

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